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December 16, 2022

With high school behind her and a future of endless possibilities ahead, Lia should be excited about starting her life. Instead, she feels lost. So, when her aunt in Wyoming calls with a job offer, she jumps at the opportunity, convinced any plan, even if it means moving to the middle of nowhere, is better than no plan at all.

But her decision feels like a turning point as her reality begins to crumble and unexplainable events start to occur. Shifting her question from who to what am I? In Wyoming, she gets her answer as she enters a world she thought didn’t exist. She’s half-Fairy. She learns she has powers and that she’s part of a prophecy meant to determine the fate of the three realms. Her future of endless possibilities disappears in a flash, leaving behind one predestined path.

As Lia attempts to navigate this new world, she’s faced with unearthly dangers and met with choices she’s not ready to make, torn between her desire to be a regular teenager and the duty of fulfilling her assigned destiny. Will she find the strength she needs to face her calling before it’s too late?

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